New members to the discount card – soon

We are preparing new partners for Flash Card, which provides permanent discounts for those who rent offices in the  Flash Office instant centers. Soon we will announce a new batch of partners, from dentists to gyms – for boys and girls who want to keep fit and also courses for those who wants to  improve their managing  qualities or IT skills.

Until then, do not forget that you can enjoy daily discounts between 10 and 20% on food – cafeteria Armand (who prepares special offers for cardholders  next week), Octopus,  Lente Bistro, Jeunesse Bistro, Bernschutz & Co,  and the shirts  from , with 10%  discount for the current collection and 15% for the new collection, 10% discount at the Expert  Flower, the flower shop of the corner next to us and also  10% off for any product on .

Special offers at Armand Cakes, for Flash Card holders, for October, are:

1st Week  5 to 11 October, 2015

  • Coffee + 1 simple croissant – 7 lei
  • 3 American cookies + Tea   – 6 lei

2nd  Week  12 to 18 October 2015

  • Coffee + 1 chocolate croissant – 7 lei
  • Tea + 3 orange sable – 6 lei

3rd  Week October 19 to 25, 2015

  • Coffee + 3 American Cookies – 7 lei
  • Tea + 5 cookies with raisins – 6 lei

4th  Week October 26 to November 1

  • Coffee + 3 Sable orange – 7 lei
  • Tea  + 3 American cookies – 6 lei



Also for projects of IT&C  you can call the upstairs neighbors  – Tellence Technologies, for recruitment  Flow Human Capital in  our office center in  Armand 26, for legal services  turn to Emil Enachescu law office, which is on the fourth floor in Maria Rosetti Tower, and for media production & PR you can count on our partner agencies  and  to prepare media campaigns or radio and TV spots.

The complete list of current partners and their discounts you can see in the posts below.

Strolling over to Armenian, cultural project for discovering the history of our area.


Did you know that the area where they are located Armenian 26 and Maria Rosetti Tower, two office buildings that host our facilities Flash Office is a rich history, with streets and houses that have stories of famous people? You can discover this weekend autumn, when a group of enthusiasts high school students from Bucharest, sponsored by a European cultural project will take the step neighboring streets and old buildings will present important to all those who will join them.

Romanian Association for Culture, Education and Normality held Saturday, Sunday, October 17 and October 18 at 17.00, a route-cultural experiment entitled “Walking on the Armenian”.

According to organizers route starts in front of the Armenesti Church and takes place on the streets: Armenească, Rafael Sanzio, Spătarului, Corbeni, Silvestru, Popa Rusu, Bocsa, with 7 stops and lasting an hour and a half.

The project proposes Bucharest people an alternative space for walking, but also an opportunity to discover the ancient Armenian communities in Bucharest, through a series of stories about the first Armenians arrived in Bucharest in centuries past, about their customs and traditions, stories about coffee and about trade titbits about love and luxury, stories and histories that will surprise most famous Armenians of Bucharest.

Route Cultural is an experiment ARCEN because it is documented, written and designed together with a group of 30 students selected from several high schools in Bucharest that followed the September-October lecture on architecture and urbanism of the educational project  ARCEN “We are the city. Voluntary informed”. Some students will also guide the Armenesc district accompanied by a guide ARCEN.

And speaking of old buildings inhabited by famous people, we still signaled villa is located Octopus restaurant, which was inhabited by the famous writer IL Caragiale – the restaurant is located just outside our office and instant Flash Maria Rosetti our system of permanent discounts Flash Card have a 10% -15%, depending on order size.


Cheerful scarves and shirts for gloomy days, reduced by Flash Card

A scarf with butterflies cheers up any office held, we recommend Mădălina Spîrleanu signed on the back on stock, you can buy a 15% reduction by Flash Card.


All tenants offices from instant office with their work in Flash Offices centers receive a discount through the Flash Card.

Also we will receive in benefits a 15% reduction to the new collection of shirts from Pineberry !!! One of the star models, this red shirt designer, see it below, along with a white shirt, all Pineberry chosen by Dana Rogoz.


The new Flash Card members: two dental offices, Hobby shop and a greek food restaurant

The first impression on a date (be it business or not) counts , and even more than anything our smile is the one who conquers .

So the new partners of Flash Card are two dental offices, with modern, well equipped and smiling and caring team of qualified doctors.

At the Easy Care Dent in Crângași area, near the subway, is waiting for you doctor Livia Neacsu (photo), the cuts for our discount card Flash Card being between 10 and 15% in all types of interventions.


The other cabinet is the Medical Clinic of Sfântul Ștefan, located in Sfântul Ștefan’s Square and here is applied also a permanent reduction for cardholders Flash Office.

Flash Card system members, that are all companies that have offices in the office centers Instant Flash Office Solutions and its employees have permanent discounts in two dental offices, and you can learn more about it on their Facebook pages or from Ilinca Dumitru.

Remember, people who smile more are happier, say international studies.

Besides the two offices, since this month we will get a permanent 10% cuts (excluding cigarettes) at Hobby Shop store, located at the corner of Maria Rosetti building.

And, just since this month, we got discount at greek food at both Makis taverns – Rosetti and Tineretului, 10% for any item, only on presenting our card.


If you are not yet a member of our system of permanent discounts Flash Card, we invite you to rent one of our instant premium office buildings . So, automatically enter our club benefits, available to restaurants, florists, business services, translation, IT equipment vendors and much, much more!

Follow the News section of the website and learn the benefits list completed in real time.





The last work station in Flash HUB!

FLASH HUB from our instant office located in Maria Rosetti Tower office building has a total area of ​​69.65 square meters and is arranged in two individual rooms with co-working spaces with a total of 21 seats. There are the last five seats available.

Fixed costs:

Full package of services at a fixed cost of 150 euro / month + VAT.
We have various promotions with tariff cuts – the last was 20% discount for the contract signed in the summer.


Many gratuities and benefits:
  • each member of our centers receive free Flash cards Office – INSTANT OFFICE BENEFITS which have access to products and services with lower prices through a system of discounts between 10 and 20%
  • fully furnished with desk, chair, roll box, hallstand, trash can
  • access to kitchen for serving coffee, tea, sugar, and other
  • water, electricity and gas
  • office cleaning personnel
  • front desk and secretary services
  • mail collecting/delivery with confirmation
  • registered office or place of business
  • access printer, scanner and copier (up to 100 pages. / month)
  • display logo at the reception on the 2nd floor
  • IT support
  • phone access and phone operators to take the calls*
  • fax and unlimited high speed internet access
  • full access to meeting and conference rooms fully equipped (magnetic blackboard, flipchart, teleconferencing, Wi-Fi)
  • 24/7 security with card access
  • *extra cost

    And do not forget that Flash Hub provides a central location, premium and professional working environment, quiet and serious, which guarantees an impressive business card!

How to use discount card Flash Office for instant office

Take care of your card and write down its number ! Otherwise, it is very easy to use!

cofetaria_armand_ieftin1At restaurants and teashops- eg Bistro Jeuness, Lente,  Bernschutz & Co or Octopus you  receive discounts when you present the card at cashiers – where they will note the card number .

Discounts are differentiated – thus Jeunesse Bistro and Bernschutz & Co. discount of 10% on any food or product, while at Lente you have a 10% reduction on any menu, be it salad, soup or main dish except daily menu (already on sale). At Octopus, the discount is 10%, but orders worth 200 lei increase this amounts to 15%. We recommend that you watch the Facebook pages, they are very active on seasonal menus – for example, I personally loved the creamy pumpkin soup from Jeunesse Bistro and these days I will go definitely to taste the wine brought to menu season.  🙂

At the Armand Confectionery the discount  in cookies, cakes, pastries is 10% for individuals (employees) except daily offers coffee + croissant (already reduced) and 15% for legal persons (companies that have leased instant space office in our  Flash Office office centers).

Poze-salon-vulcan-4Likewise, proceed presenting the card, at  Eve Gym – for Kangoo Jumps  courses, aerobics and massage, where you get a 15% discount and at Otto Olivery salon, for styling and cosmetics where they  use only natural products price – the discount  is 20% (where for example, at the moment, a trim and wash package costs 25 lei for men, and  there are also interesting hair treatments and packages for women from 25 lei).  Details on the official website of the salon.

When it comes to consulting services, the discount is applied between companies, between 10 and 20%, when discussing with the managers of the companies involved in the campaign. Thus, you can access at a lower cost permanent IT & C services, web, IT equipment rental, HR, translations, law, Media & PR, and video production and advertising. For directions regarding the contact persons, you can  ask Dumitru Ilinca, Sales Manager of Flash Office.

At enter the customer code” 1208FLASH10” and you can buy from paintings – to create a warm and friendly atmosphere at work, (e.g.  low price 155 lei – 15 lei =140 lei) to romantic lazy stools for home (e.g. 77 -7 lei = 70).

camasi2_reduceri_ieftineFor shirts and accessories (photo below) and the accessories enter the in text field observations FLASH CARD OFFICE No … and you will receive 10% discount on products at discounted (e.g. the current active promotion is buy five and get one free shirt) or 15% off unabated.




A list of all the benefits of Flash Office discount card can be found here.

List of products and discount services from Flash Office card

Services and products that card owners have access

  • Professional and consulting services for companies in the centers, start-ups and their partners in HUB:





software, IT&C, Websites Production


Fast Hi Tech

equipment IT&C


Flow Human Capital



Emil Enachescu

Law office


media and marketing services, PR & Media, media monitoring


media production, TV commercials, radio commercials, 3D graphics


Artha Park – Snagov

event organization, conferences, team building


Contrad Groupe AD




  • Food&Catering



Cofetăria Armand

10 -15%

Lente Bistro


Jeunesse Bistro



110 -15%

Bernschutz & Co



  • Clothing and accessories office





Men and women’s shirts, scarves


Mădălina Spîrleanu

Accessories: cufflinks, bow ties, scarves, suspenders, socks



  • Care& home






SC Asira Inter SRL

Interior Design



Medical optics


Expert Flower



Eve Gym

gym – Kangoo Jumps, zumba, aerobics


Otto Olivery




Up to 20% discount on instant offices: Splash- Flash

Summer offer: Splash- Flash

Flash Office Solutions is launching the Splash-Flash campaign, with shrinking summer rents.

Therefore, the monthly fee of a workplace in hub (coworking space) and in the individual offices has a discount up to 20 % for the leases signed during summer, from 1st of July 2015 to 31st of August 2015.

„Most of the leases signed by our clients are for a year and we have clients who already signed extensions. We are open though also to contracts with shorter terms, for companies with projects on limited period, frequently met especially in IT&C companies.

However, during summer we come with a promotion adapted to market conditions, the contracts signed in the period of July-August 2015 having fees with approx. 20 pct smaller than the current ones”, has declared Ilinca Dumitru, Sales Manager of Flash Office Solutions.



Who is the instant office tenants, in 2015

According to a study of Flash Office Solutions, in the first six months of 2015 approx. 65 pct. of the entrepreneurs renting instant offices in Bucharest have chosen a workplace in hub and 35 pct aimed an individual office.

Considering the range of activity of the tenants of instant offices, the IT professionals are more attracted by the open-spaces in the hub, while the entrepreneurs with liberal professions – consultancy, law, design, distribution – prefer the individual spaces ready to move in.

The instant offices offer has been diversified in 2015, regarding the types of available spaces and their costs, currently already existing on the Romanian market all the types of short time rentals present worldwide. Slowly, distinct market segments are appearing too, depending on the clients’ profile and their fields of activity.



12 New Tenants In Flash Office Solutions Offices

In the first three months of 2015, the employment offices in key centers Flash Office Solutions increased from 45% to 87%, most customers are young entrepreneurs aged under 35 years.

Flash Office Solutions has two centers Offices for rent fully furnished with all the services and facilities included one in Maria Rosetti Tower office building and the second in the office building Armand Calinescu 26, both located in downtown Bucharest.

“It was a very good start to the year, the new location aligns business objectives of the company. Among customers who have signed with Flash Office Solutions are companies developed by young entrepreneurs such as SC PROTECTSIM SRL, INSTAFF SRL and SC VMR GROUP SRL EUROSERV, and companies with experience SCA TAYLOR, purified & ASSOCIATES, SC TELLENCE TECHNOLOGIES SRL, in various fields, but who share the same desire to leave our account management office space and they will be focused only on developing their own business.
We want to keep the pace of development in the future and we already consider opening a new space for our potential customers with the same modern and comprehensive set of services offices instant, “said Dumitru Ilinca, Sales Manager of Flash Office Solutions.     

Employment in the two centers Flash Office Solutions is 87% in early April 2015, up 42% compared to the end of last year.