We wish you wonderful holidays!

We wish you wonderful holidays,

Full of joy and gifts!

In anticipation of Santa’s instant offices, we decorated the tree with a … hub,

HUB USB flash 🙂

In as many connections!

We expect 2015!



Office space from 110 Euros/month!

Winter Offer!

Only for the first clients of share-offices, we rent offices installed in our shared spaces, of modern super-furnished offices, with included services and facilities!
During December 5th 2014 – February 5th 2015 instant offices may be rented in Flash Office Hub din Maria Rosetti Tower center in Bucuresti, in ultra-central area, starting from monthly fee of 110 Euros/month,  (from 150 Euros/month), including all costs with maintenance and corresponding services.

Against this tariff amounting to 150 Euros/month  (110 Euros/month until February 2015) there can rented a desk in a shared working space, in our future business hub, with access to the meeting hall, equipped kitchen, chill out room. What more to say? Hot coffee from the automated machine, as much as you want of it, when you come cold from outside and for the business meetings, Internet access at the best speed in town, a receptionist to take over your messages, and fresh fruits at your discretion. All services and facilities are included in the fixed monthly rent which starts from 150 Euros/month for all clients of Flash Office Hub in Maria Rosetti Tower, and you find them all here. 

We offer you a pleasant working environment in a select company, where Flash Office Center in Maria Rosetti Tower includes, besides the new hub, instant partitioned office space, rent on a permanent, part-time or temporary basis, which is full by about 35%.

Our Flash Offices community in Maria Rosetti already includes designers, artisans, entrepreneurs, specialists in IT and finances and we gladly are expecting you too!

New tenants in Flash Office Solutions in Maria Rosetti Tower

Among the first clients which have joined the Flash Office Solutions Center din Rosetti Tower is also Cameleonia, sole representative in Romania of the al Artelux Spanish craftsmanship, specialized in performing decorations from personalized tiling manually painted using techniques of over 500 years old .
Cameleonia has organized within Flash Office Solutions its own showroom in Romania.

“Our target public is a business focused one, represented especially by architects and designers to which we present out designs of manually painted Spanish ceramics, yet we give them the possibility of customizing certain works, with our help.
We have chosen the instant offices in Flash Office Solutions Center because it has offered us exactly what we needed: our own space, on turnkey, which is full of the light we need to exhibit the products, and also gives us access to a meeting hall provided with a video-projector and where we can go on with the discussions and presentations in a business environment, and we have both in a fixed budget, with no other maintenance or cleaning costs, and without any concern of supplies, a fact which is very important for a project that has just started and is developing right now. Again, the location is an extraordinary one, being ultra-central, right near Magheru Boulevard and very close to many important institutions – like the College of Architects, aspects that have mattered in our case”, declares Dragos Antonache, general director at Cameleonia.

Dragos Antonache has eleven years of experience in business consultancy for Spanish.

Cameleonia is a business idea developed by Sogardi Consulting, consultancy company founded in 2003 with the purpose of simplifying the settlement in Romania of top Spanish companies and products.

The second Flash Office Solutions center, located in Maria Rosetti Tower office building is operational since November the 1st and has a total surface of 392 sqm, with extension possibilities, being the second center of instant offices developed under this brand in Romania, the first one being opened in early 2014, in Armand Calinescu building, No. 26.
Flash Office Solutions in Maria Rosetti Tower offers instant office space of various sizes, from operation offices with shared desks, up to turnkey individual offices with a generous surface, all fully furnished and with IT infrastructure.

The center has a reception desk, a meeting hall including a video-projector, a relaxation space and a modern kitchen where coffee, water and fruits are free for members.

About Flash Office Solutions

Flash Office Solutions is a last generation center of instant&serviced offices which provides clients, at fixed prices, fully equipped and furnished, over very flexible time spans, with all services needed for the highest professional standard. Flash Office Solutions Company was founded in 2013, and the first operational location with instant&offices spaces is available in Armand Calinescu building, No. 26. The second location, in Maria Rosetti Tower, is operational staring with November 1st, 2014.

Flash Office is meant both for those who need a business place for a start-up or a local branch, and for companies needing a turnkey office in a representative building with a modern working space and ensured IT&C support, including wi-fi, receptionist, access to a fully equipped conference hall, yet without the concern of maintenance costs and corresponding services. Flash Office Solutions places at its client’s disposal services of INSTANT&SERVICED OFFICES type (offices on demand), which besides all these provides access to kitchen, administrative support, cleaning services and underground parking.

For additional information please contact:

Maria Neda

Media&PR Coordinator



It’s freezing outside, yet a welcoming desk is waiting for you inside!

Today, at the radio, I have heard a super-song, in tone with these days: “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and I thought of you, all those who do not have yet your own office and who are always heading to a coffee shop or to the premises of a business partner to set up a meeting. You are freezing, aren’t you? An office of yours, an inexpensive one in which you will move tomorrow would be perfect!

Keep an eye on us, those from the Flash Office Solutions center in Maria Rosetti Tower, since we prepare for you a hub with a HOT promotion, for all of you who wish a warm and welcoming office in a modern center, with a hot little coffee at hand. Or tens of hot little coffees at hand, depends on how many meetings you will schedule in a day, at your new premises.

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside?”

I really can’t stay, (Baby, it’s cold outside)
I’ve got to go ‘way, (Baby, it’s cold outside)
The evening has been, so very nice
(I hold your hands, there just like ice)

Black Friday: a free month for the 6 months contracts signed between November 21st and 28th!

Flash Office Solutions starts a Black Friday campaign for the clients which will sign contracts for renting instant office space within November 21st – 28th, 2014: a free stay month for six months spent in the new Rosetti Tower!

Our new center in Rosetti Tower is a top one, the building holding together companies of prestige like CNN and Discovery, and among our clients we already have three firms activating in various areas like accounting, luxury interior design and IT, while we have just opened the gates on November 1st. For the future we intend to bring to Flash Office II centers entrepreneurs from different areas to the disposal of which we will place turnkey offices, free access to conference hall, timeout space and functional kitchen, and to which we will also give the possibility to collaborate with each other, to interact, helped by the design of the space arrangement”, states Jose Ignacio de la Torre, General Manager of Flash Office Solutions.

For reservations and commercial details on office space on offer:


Instant offices services (offices fully furnished and equipped, with services available) are twice cheaper in our country than in Greece and Germany and four times cheaper than in France, lower prices finding is only in Bulgaria and Lithuania, but both countries having a population much smaller than Romania and, implicitly, a claim under the us, according to a study submitted editorial Flash Office Solutions.
Offices instant is a solution of the increasingly used by young entrepreneurs in ICT, as well as by consultants in business or other professions estate, which will not be concerned with maintaining a permanent office, but only to use one complete equipped.
Flash Office Solutions is an instant center & serviced offices that provide office space fully equipped and furnished.