Occupancy of Flash Office centers passed 94%. There are only four free offices, with a total capacity of ten employees


Occupancy of Flash Office centers passed 94%. There are only four free offices, with a total capacity of ten employees.

Flash Instant Offices Office centers have reached almost maximum occupancy this last quarter of 2015! From early October the Hub is already full, being occupied all offices in the area of co-working, and of the 33 individual offices are free four, two with a maximum capacity of two employees and two with a capacity of up to three places.

Of the total area of 1,317 square meters, as the total office spaces instant Flash Office centers have, four individual spaces are available ranging in size from 12 square meters to 16 square meters.

“We intend to expand the space of instant office centers in the first half of 2016 due to strong demand recorded in recent months. Most tenants in HUB zone are coming from IT&C and services, while renters of individual instant turn-key spaces, are usually consulting companies ” said Dumitru Ilinca, Sales Manager of Flash Office Solutions.

What’s available:

  • 2 rooms with up to 3 workstations
  • 2 rooms with up to 2 workstations

Flash Office Solutions operates in two office buildings, Armand 26 and Maria Rosetti Tower, both with upper class office space instant, located in the central area of Bucharest.

Flash instant center of the Armand 26 building is occupied 100%, at this moment are available only four individual spaces in the Maria Rosetti Tower building.

Flash Office Solutions Centers are enjoying all the services and facilities included spaces – Individual rooms are furnished and equipped with IT facilities.

More details about services and gratuities offered to those who rents an individual instant key space, in a Flash center and of their presentation, including the images found here


Also, centers members receive permanent discounts to 25 partners – from restaurants, gym sports, and business clothing to IT equipment providers, professional translation and legal services. Their complete list can be found here: